Superman is dead

Superman is DeadI’m supposed to be researching destinations but keep being distracted by interesting tidbits, like Indonesia’s biggest band being a grunge-punk outfit called Superman is Dead. Bought their first (I think) album, Kuta Rock City. Catchy Ramones-style short rock songs, some in English and some in Bahasa Indonesia, made me find an unexpected familiarity in at least one country we’re visiting. It brightened my journey into work this morning. I like it – and you can try it out on iTunes.

Know of any other local groups, from any of the countries on our itinerary, who we should check out? Leave us your suggestions.

Another day closer

A bus - yesterday

My (Allan’s) first post and about time too.  Was never good at this technology thing, although looks like our our google map is updated in the itinerary part of this blog if you’re interested in the places we’re thinking of going to.  Bangkok looks a little Lionel at the minute, so that may be off the agenda, likewise another Eyjafjallajokull and we may as well call the blog “Vauxhall to Victoria by the number 36 bus”.

Another Friday finishes and our Countdown spreadsheet now says have 168 days to go before Chloe gets terrified before a long 12.5 hour flight to Singapore. Massive double decker plane (A380) for all the plane spotters out there, we’re on the upper deck. So, my question is, what the heck can you do for 12.5 hours on a plane? (14h on the way back..). Answers on a postcode to the usual address.

Right, off to see NUFC get some silverware tomorrow. Little lads league, but I’ll take anything after the last few years. 1..2..3.. “Oh Coloccini, you are the ….”