Everybody just stay calm

Was late meeting my Mum for breakfast this morning. Left my mobile at home by mistake. By the time I got to her office she’d called the police. It seems her imagination had run riot and within half an hour she had me accidentally brutally stabbing myself to death while cutting toast.

Mum, please don’t watch ANY international news while we’re away…

Travel Photography

Dear diary.  I, the cow in hardcow travels, is now taking a travel photography course at City Lit. First lesson was this week and was very good, the teacher was excellent – and very patient with us all – and fellow students seem very nice, keen and about the level I am. Which is nice. And now understand what ISO is, not speed, it’s all about sensitivity apparently. Got some homework to do; take photos of my environment. So I reckon I need to take photos of us, the 77 bus, work, cats, the sofa and our TV. That’s about it, especially as the football season is ending.

Tell us your photo you want to see from our travels whether it be “Chloe diving in the SE Asia”, “Allan eating a spider” or “Monkey stealing our lunch”. Suggestions welcome. In the meantime, here’s “Cat lazing around”.