A week is a long time…

Ed MilibandFinally, Labour politics is getting interesting again and we’re leaving the country for six months. I’ve signed up for every Labour leftie Twitter, blog, Facebook group I can get my hands on, just to try to keep up. Wonder what it will look like from the other side of the world?

Busy September

Even though the Cow has finished full-time work, I’m being kept extremely busy on a long list of things to do to get us totally ready to go.

Probably 20 years ago, the only thing on the list was get passport, wash pants, buy travellers cheques and tell me Mum that I’ll be back. Now this includes; the exciting (organising diving in the first week, getting Visas for Indonesia and Vietnam) to the ordinary (organise painting of the house, work out which mobile phone SIM & ATM card is best) to the downright tedious (put cats in boxes to take to the vet, clearing out wardrobes, kitchen and garden). Glad to say that the “to-do” list is going down although there’s still quite a few things to go.

A quick shout to all at my previous contract and to say good luck with your first set of moves this weekend.

Remember the following;

If it goes well, credit  yourselves (you deserve it)

If it goes badly, blame the previous guy (he deserves it)