From Vauxhall to Birmingham

Been a while readers.

Allan and Chloe are now firmly back into the daily grind. Chloe returned after sabbatical within 3 weeks of the end of our travels and Allan secured a new contract frighteningly quickly, in his opinion, a couple of weeks later. A pleasant little interlude to the shock of working for a living again was had at the Apple store to buy a shining new MacBook Air for Allan and iPhone 4 for Chloe.

You’ll be pleased to know that a holiday to Azerbaijan is on the horizon. Why Azerbaijan you may ask. The answer is all related to a stupid bet, a bottle of Champagne and Jedward not winning Eurovision.

However, in the spirit of keeping this website about our travels, enclosed is a photo outside the new office in Birmingham that Allan has sweated blood, sweat and tears in the past 28 working days – with help from suppliers and staff – to make sure people could move into a new building today. Taken on the iPhone, so not up to the usual Hardcow quality.

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