Event 4 – Boxing, or, “Hit ‘Im !!”

Onto boxing in the evening for Allan and Mr. S after watching the finish of the cycling over a couple of beers, a very large Italian meal and a bottle of their finest Brunello. Nice.

Met up with Dave and Steve and proceeded to watch 10 bouts where the little lads gave us 2 1/2 hours worth of entertainment. Top marks to Taylor (the boxer not the guy who got us the tickets) from Team GB who got through to the last 8 and there was a couple of real good scraps. One to look out for in the next round is the Korean seconds who were bobbing, weaving, making every punch and defensive move with their man in the ring.

London’s transport system held up well and we were back to Chez Hardcow in an hour from the Excel centre.

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Event 3 – Elizabeth the Second, raining over us

Mr. S arrived into Chez Hardcow for a 1 night stay with his bag in hand. Maybe it should have been an umbrella.

Off to Putney again to watch the Woman’s road race. It was sunny, then with 10 minutes to go before they arrived, it absolutely Chris’ed down, then proceeded to get sunny again. The rain followed the racers all the way from deepest Surrey, nightmare for them.

This time we saw the gold, silver and bronze group including the incredible Lizzy Armistead who went on to get Team GB’s first medal in this games and retain her silver medal from 4 years ago. Apparantely she only got on a bike for the first time 9 years ago when she was 14. Maybe there’s hope for me yet. Actually, no.

Thanks to Mr S for the first part of the post title.

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Event 2 – Sven Goonsson and Klaus Bin

Second sporting event arrives on the same afternoon as the Archery. Watching the men’s road race at Putney a few kilometers from the end, surely no-one had the same idea as Allan? Erm, yes, it was rammed but managed to get a front row view. This consisted of waiting around for over half an hour, seeing two groups whizzing by in barely 5 seconds, plus a couple of stragglers and waiting over half an hour to cross the road back to Putney station. Loved it – except for the Brits not winning at the end.

Photos below, including one that has the eventual winner: Kazakh, Alexandre Vinokourov, is in second place on the last photo on this post. After the mess-up of the Korean flags in the football, let’s hope they didn’t play the Borat version of the Kazakh national anthem.

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Event 1 – There’s only one word for that – Magic Archery

Onto Lord’s Cricket Ground for the first live event, the 1/8 qualifiers for the blokes’ Team Archery. For those who are unaware, yes, me too before today, it’s all about each person in a team of 3 firing 1 shot for 8 rounds at a target the size of a CD from 70 meters away. Team GB were first up against Ukraine and after some cheerful waves at the start, it all got easy… for Ukraine.

After this there were 7 other games, the most tense went to a shoot-off when Japan and India tied the game. Japan were victorious.

A fun start with the only disappointment being that Sid Waddell wasn’t commentating.

Photos below

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Here’s the thing. It’s the Olympic flame. Totally.

Allan: I know it’s been around the country in the last 10 weeks or so, but the Olympic flame passing by my work place has just raised my excitement up a notch or two. To quote Dave, on a scale of 1 to 9.58, the excitement levels are now 9.56. The excitement continues with the 3 days of Athletics, 2 days of Archery, 1 day each of Football, Handball, Sprint Canoeing, Boxing and I’m sure I’ve missed something. Cool.

Photos below of the handover of the Olympic torch for its journey to Buckingham Palace (if you’re interested, the guy was from an amazing disaster relief logistics charity called Map Action). Also included, a bonus photo of some ridiculously glam members of the Russian team walking around Parliament Square. #whosthatgirl. More posts to come in the next two and a bit weeks.

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