3 days in Toya Bungkah

Onwards from Ubud. After just over 2 hours drive, through the fruit farms of Bali we arrived at the small village of Toya Bungkah, situated on Lake Batur, the biggest lake in Bali and apparently is home to Dewi Danu the Crater Lake Goddess.

We stayed at a small set of bungalows – Under the Volcano III – very near the lake’s edge run by a family who grew their own vegetables and had a fish farm on the lake. Food therefore was probably the freshest around and was suitably delicious and cheap at 30,000IDR (just over £2).

Toya Bungkah used to be starting point for all trekkers up to Gunung Batur, but now seems to be a little struggling as better roads can get people to the designated 4am start from all over Bali and not have to stay in the village. Added to the fact that October is past peak season, it was very quiet (apart from very loud cockerels and dogs).

Apart from Chloe’s fear that the Volcano would blow its top during the night, the place had its charm, but is not really helping itself. A transport link up to the main town would help bring people in for the night and avoiding charging silly money to bath in some hot springs in the village would help to get the people in I’m sure.