A muddy old river or reclining Buddha..

One night in Bangkok and certainly Allan is now very humble.

We both went back to the place we went to straight after our wedding last week, which was to Wat Pho, which hosts the amazing reclining 46m long, 15m high, Buddha. You can find God in every golden cloister, felt an angel sliding up to me although did feel the devil walking next to me.

Bangkok is really a mixture of despair and ecstasy. It’s a crowded, polluted and stinking town. Thought London in rush hour was bad but Bangkok is unbelievable, the drone of traffic is traffic constant. However, food was cheap, hotels we stayed in were good and the sights were pretty spectacular.

Bangkok, the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.

(With thanks to Murray Head and the lads from Abba)

6 thoughts on “A muddy old river or reclining Buddha..

  1. £1.49, that’s about 75Bt, enough to get a couple of meals down our local place here in Chiang Mai.
    Red curries not Ace. Red curries not Ace. Red curries not Ace…

  2. From memory, I think the song was a bit more brief than you are suggesting. Very Mr Logic of you.

    By the way, latest edition of Viz just been delievered. Surprisingly enough Ace gets his hands on two lots of £1.49 to buy baubles for the X-mas tree.

    Baubles not Ace. Baubles not Ace. Baubles not Ace.

    Unsurprisingly, it ends with a ferocious attack with a frying pan by Mrs Ace.
    Predictable, sad but still very, very funny.

  3. 80s-tastic Nige.

    And Mike, i have heard that there has still none of the said people from Sunderland been spotted in the provice of Lombardy in Northern Italy.

  4. Yikes! Last time I heard that song was….yes,well,who´s counting?

    Does Simon Bates still play “I haven´t heard it for ages”? I´m a bit out of touch with British culture now.

    Thanks for the memories…..

  5. From Yahoo News:
    A British man who currently holds the record for travelling the most miles around the world has reached a new landmark – 15 million miles. 70-year-old Fred Finn, who has spent 52 years exploring the globe, has visited 139 countries and took 718 flights on Concorde while it was active.

    So you two have still got some way to go, but a good first effort. As Chairman Mao said: every long journey starts with a small step. (And while we’re on the travelling theme – Chairman Toonman asked: Have you ever seen a Mackem in Milan?)

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