Above the rainforest

Day two in the wilds of Borneo saw Chloe and Allan brave the rough trekking terrain of the Rainforest Discovery Centre.

Chloe was delighted to discover that real rainforest is fully equipped with gravel paths, cafes and public toilets. She really doesn’t know why people like Bear Grylls make so much fuss.

The Centre is designed to educate both Malaysians and tourists about the value of preserving the local rainforest, and a huge amount of effort has been put into the information displays. We are duly educated.

The small botanical garden was like a mini Kew, with pitcher plants, wild orchids, spices and other indigenous species.

A walkway through the rainforest canopy is still under construction, but we could walk two lengths of it. Each ended in a 20m high platform, taking us to the level of the most towering trees. Spectacular.

We finished with a turn around the lake – complete with suspension bridge. Chloe looks relatively calm in this photo, but it was taken before Allan’s hilarious bouncing routine.

How she laughed.