Acropolis now!

We purposely left the Acropolis until now, partly because of the heat when we were last in Athens, but mostly because we wanted to finish our travels with something spectacular.

The Acropolis didn’t disappoint. Our apartment is very close but even though we got there early it was pretty busy. We zoom past a huge tour group to admire the whole site. It is one of the sights of the holiday, the buildings at the top are stunning and there are truly tremendous views over Athens.

Chloe spots the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Allan then finds the old Panathenaic stadium and then we both see the ancient Agora (Chloe is still unreasonably excited to be able to see the route of the old Panathenaic Way). Amazingly, we can see where the two Long Walls were located that provided secure access between the Acropolis to the port, even during times of siege. They are now the route of two tree-lined roads that stretch between the rock and Piraeus. The sites we saw six weeks ago all now come to life, knowing where they are compared to the mighty Acropolis.

Our last dinner was in true Greek style; lamb chops, salad and ice cream. Yum.

A stupendous end to our time in Athens, Greece and the whole holiday. All that is left is our review of Greece and our holiday award roll call, so keep watching Hardcowtravels for a couple more interesting posts!