Allan’s mum ChALLANge (Part 1 and 2)

Here it is. The final result of Newcastle vs Man City, it ended 1-1 as I saw 2 goals – 1 for each side. At least that’s what I saw after turning the game on after 5 minutes. There was some rumour that something happened in the first 5 mins – I choose to ignore that. Honestly, well played lads, but still no points. And Jonas, well…

And the second part (slightly delayed due to a dodgy Internet connection). I’m sure I got the score right for the Spurs match, 11-10 to us. Although this could be entirely wrong. Back to reality, it sounds like we were lucky to get nil. At least Maggie from KCC will be happy!

7 thoughts on “Allan’s mum ChALLANge (Part 1 and 2)

  1. I’m sure there’s more Spurs fans but they’ve been pretty silent since the result!
    Hope weather is ok for you to the land of our wedding place in Feb! Thailand was deffo our favourite for food at minute so enjoy the huge curries..

  2. Firstly, I did think of you swanning around enjoying yourself whilst the barcodes were beaten by 10 men of the might Spurs :-) Secondly, I can’t believe I’m the only Spurs fan you know!
    Sounds like you’re having a fab time. Oh, and our tickets have arrived for Thailand, so unless Heathrow is closed again for snow, we’ll be out there on the 7th Feb – woop!

  3. I blame the parents, the upbringing, the friends I keep, the wife, the work colleagues, the government, the credit crunch and not forgetting NUFC. Have I now alienated everyone and everything? Classic deflection of where the problem lies…

  4. You know – I thought that I had brought him up to be always honest & truthful.
    Ah well, I’ve obviously failed miserably!

  5. Being called a cheat by your own mother – hang your head in shame…

    And go to the corner and think about what you’ve done. And no talking.

    (revenge is a dish best served cold)

  6. Bit of a get-out there, Allan. I might even call it cheating, my son!
    Instead, I’ll just say it’s the effect of all that lovely Laos beer – or maybe-
    Howay The Laads – well – next time!

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