An Original vision in Concrete and a new one in Glass

Our last full day in Laos and we made an escape out of the capital for a day trip to the original sculpture park and also to the makers of the fine amber nectar that we have been drinking for the past month – Beer Lao.

We did the 30km journey including a quick shout of hello across the Mekong to our previous hotel in Nong Khai and a last part of the journey where the poor tuk-tuk had to weave to find any tarmac on the rapidly disappearing road. If anything, this park was even more spectacular than the one over the water. A huge reclining Buddha was the centrepiece but was enough to keep us fascinated for over an hour. Click on the picture for Chloe and the Buddha.

Next was a trip to the Beer Lao factory. We had heard there was tour of the factory. There is not. However, in true Lao hospitality, they decided to give us a free beer each as a compensation. Very nice, however, would have definitely preferred to see the whole factory.

They really are missing a trick here; Charge all the tourists a fair price, show them around for an hour and give them a beer. Everyone seems to like Beer Lao, it would be on the list on the must do things in Laos!