Arrival in Barbados

After a 7 and a half hours in Virgin’s finest premium economy class, we arrived yesterday on the island of Barbados. Slightly chaotic scenes at the airport with 2 other arrivals coinciding with our one hour early flight were made easier by Chloe bumping into an old work colleague and Allan getting a few messages to say Nufc had beaten the European champions 3-2 which, according to Allan’s football logic, now means that Newcastle United are now the best team in Europe. Ahem.

A quiet night eating and drinking some supplies kindly left by the owner of our rented house, Philip and sitting on the balcony watching the local humming birds. Then this morning, a big adventure of a walking to our local beach less than 10 minutes away then off to the supermarket and back to get supplies and check out places to eat. It does feel like we won’t be doing too much over here, which is exactly what we want to do.

2 thoughts on “Arrival in Barbados

  1. Hey, just thinking about getting in touch, lovely to hear from you. We’re still coming to Gally via Niagara Falls, a long story that we’ll tell you over dinner/drinks as it’s definitely our shout. We arrive in LA on Weds 13th afternoon, so if you’re arriving on the Thurs/Friday, can meet up then – we’re staying at Embassy Suites again. Looking forward to it!

  2. Hey folks! Nice to see a new post from you. I hope you have a fantastic time in Barbados. I’d love to see a few more photos.

    Does this mean, however, that we shouldn’t expect to see you guys at Galifrey in two weeks?

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