Birthday in KL

Arrival in the big and bustling city of Kuala Lumpar and it is unusually quiet due to Ramadan. Roads are empty, apartments seem unoccupied and tourist sites, malls & restaurants are all mostly closed.

We’re staying in an AirBnB apartment instead of the usual B&B or hotel and suddenly we have space the size of our flat, a sofa, Netflix and other home comforts. It is all rather nice, although we do have to remember how to use a washing machine and do washing up. We may even do some home cooking, although…

Our apartment seems to be located within the posh (but relatively cheap) restaurant area. Somehow we manage to book Tripadvisor’s no.1 restaurant – Manja – with barely 2 hours notice for a birthday treat. It was open and barely 5 minutes walk away.

We gorge ourselves on prime Wagyu beef steak, Tibetan pepper prawns with avocado and Borneo coconut tuna all washed down with cocktail and wine. It all got a little Heston Blumenthal at one point with liquid CO2 cooling down our tuna – see here for our memories of that meal. They even give us a free personalised birthday treat and schnapps to finish the meal. Wonderful.

We’ll have an explore around KL soon if only to avoid the temptation of spending all our daily budget on our apartment and gourmet food…

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  1. Not too shabby,then. Just sent your present,presume it’ll arrive in a couple of weeks…

    All the best from Madrid.

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