Cable can’t

Finally, we took ourselves out of the resort and decided to go to the Langkawi cable car. It looked like it was worth the 60 ringetts round taxi fare and the same again for 2 tickets to the top.

Apparently it is 1700m long, apparently it rises 65om in height. We say apparently, as we arrived with at least a 2 hour wait to buy tickets and another 2 hours wait to get on a cable car. Although we do have the time, the idea of sitting around for 4 hours in the blazing sun didn’t really appeal!

Maybe next time our planning may avoid the busiest time of the day, not going on a weekend and not going when the kids are on half-term break. With this quality of planning, I’m surprised we managed to get to South East England never mind South East Asia for 6 months.

So instead, a picture of Chloe at the sunset. Yes, it really is Chloe and it is another sunset photo but it beats “Cat in SW8”.

It’s our last day in Langkawi and tomorrow a flight to Penang for us to explore for a few days. In a mere 7 days, we’ll be in the cold of London, so we are determined to enjoy our last week of holiday!