Christmas Day in Laos

Here’s what our “busy” Christmas Day consisted of:

1. Up at 7am with the dawn

2. Pressies! A strict 125,000 Kip limit (£10) was imposed. Chloe gave Allan a huge fabric stuffed Gecko and bag of sweets. Allan gave Chloe a small stuffed Gecko, cinnamon soap, Thai cookbook and some caviar. You may wonder why Geckos – well they are our favourite animal of the holiday so far as they seem to eat or try to eat the nasty flying things that want to eat us. Something about your enemy’s enemy I believe.

3. Breakfast with said caviar. Yum.

4. Lie down, sleep.

5. Listen to Xmas playlist including Jona Lewie, Slade, Wizzard, The Darkness, Olivia Olson and obviously, Kirsty MacCall & the Pogues. Plus some Adam & Joe for some reason.

6. Xmas lunch. Simply the best food we have had all holiday at a heavenly French restaurant called Le Central. Vegetarians look away now; Foie gras, scallops in wasabi, the most tender lamb known to humanity, chocolate and mango cake, and coffee & hazelnut ice cream that reminded Chloe of holidays in Brittany as a child – all very Proust. Washed down with French Rose, water and coffee. Thanks Yves for the wonderful food and also recommendations in Hanoi.

7. Lie down, sleep. In a massive way.

8. Quick drink

9. Call Allan’s family. Skype seemed to fixed enough to do this although a few “over” at the end of every sentence helped. Glad to see that the presents bought back in September all arrived safely and seemed well received! Allan managed to say Happy Xmas in Lao to complete what was a very generously easy chALLANge from his brother – Hohoho.

10. Did a video call to Chloe’s family. The wonders of technology still amaze us sometimes. Although the video quality was pretty poor it was still possible to tell that Doug was doing some Dad-dancing in the background and Eli trying to “chair” the chaos. Sound was ok and a totally free experience except Chloe discovering that her head was being projected onto a massive screen whilst her struggling to make out the tiny faces the other end.

11. Watched the first part of Dr. Who Xmas special. Unfortunately last year’s one, this year’s will have to wait until March.

12. Lie down, sleep.

13. Allan laughed at the Oz Cricket score (oh, sorry, that was actually the 26th Dec)


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  1. Are you sure that wasn’t one of the geckos coughing?

    (and a pity about the Aussies too- almost cried laughing: ha, ha, ha rather than ho, ho, ho)

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