Curry puffs – so near, yet so far

Singapore Sling at RafflesOne night in Singapore. There’s really only one thing we can do. Get ourselves to Raffles for a Singapore Sling!

Our neighbour, Robert, spent time in Singapore as a child and later in life. He told us of the Long Bar at Raffles and, eyes misting over with remembered joys, of the curry puffs they served there. So we were excited to taste this legendary treat

But the world marches on and Raffles decided to ‘modernise’ its bar menu. They stopped serving curry puffs just one month ago. The exquisite snack was snatched from our mouths before we could even smell, let alone taste, it. In their place are nachos and other world foods.

It was a sad discovery. But we were not yet foiled. We told the man in Raffles’ shop about our quest for curry puffs and why we were so keen to try them. He helped us search for a recipe. Although we were unable to find the original Raffles version, he photocopied a recipe from a Singaporean cookery book for us.

Robert, when we return, we have some experimenting to do…

From our brief encounter so far, we like Singapore – it is full of life but extremely organised (which after four weeks in Bali is quite soothing).

2 thoughts on “Curry puffs – so near, yet so far

  1. What are you doing up so late, young man?! We’ll post recipe some time (why not?)

    We’re off to Thailand in about two hours – so will be making use of Charlotte’s phrase book. Though I don;t fancy our chances at a tonal language!

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