Dreadlock(*) Diver

Well, after much patience from Jaka the dive instructor from BIDP Diving over the last 4 days, the Cow is now PADI Open Water qualified. Took theory, swimming pool and other tests on how to do emergency stuff, sign language and getting my natural buoyancy. The 2 dives I took earlier definitely helped but the four dives I took without being guided was freedom at last.

Two of them were in the shallow water of Sanur with a few fish and a lot of different types of eel, but yesterday’s trip to the wreck of the USAT Liberty was something else. Lost count of the types of fish, amazing coloured ones, whole shoals and forests of eels. Will bore everyone with a photo gallery at some point soon but no sharks yet, so Geordie Dave’s challenge is still on.

Can’t wait for the next dive, although more than likely it will be Thailand. Just now need to persuade Chloe to try it again!!

* As I have corrected a few people, I don’t have dreadlocks, they are Trinidadan locks care of those great people at Morris Roots, but the title scanned a bit better..

6 thoughts on “Dreadlock(*) Diver

  1. Or the Loon in the Lagoon?

    PS – we were awful. Haven’t been that angry after a match for quite some time.

  2. Be careful you don’t see any giant squids – they may take you for one of their own and what a scary creature that would produce!

  3. Cheeky man. I thought Toon in a Lagoon would have been nicer. Better than watching Charlie NZ come back to Gallowgate anyhow…

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