Event 3 – Elizabeth the Second, raining over us

Mr. S arrived into Chez Hardcow for a 1 night stay with his bag in hand. Maybe it should have been an umbrella.

Off to Putney again to watch the Woman’s road race. It was sunny, then with 10 minutes to go before they arrived, it absolutely Chris’ed down, then proceeded to get sunny again. The rain followed the racers all the way from deepest Surrey, nightmare for them.

This time we saw the gold, silver and bronze group including the incredible Lizzy Armistead who went on to get Team GB’s first medal in this games and retain her silver medal from 4 years ago. Apparantely she only got on a bike for the first time 9 years ago when she was 14. Maybe there’s hope for me yet. Actually, no.

Thanks to Mr S for the first part of the post title.