Feline good about Kuching

Kuching is Malaysian for “cat”, so you must fur-give this post as it will tell a tail that is evocative but not too provocative. Yes, I’m afraid this post is littered with cat puns.
We have barely left the hotel when we meet a group of local taxi drivers who insist we join their breakfast of gorgeous curry and specatular rainbow layer cake in celebration of the end of Ramadan – how lovely. Selamat Hari Raya!

We don’t have to scratch the surface of Kuching to see cats. There are giant models on roundabouts (big enough to give Cambodia a run for its money), sculptures beside restaurants and the live specimens are just lion there on chairs in caf├ęs while we have our cattacinnos. It is simply not pawsable to miss them.

We do not have to be purr-suaded to visit the Kuching Cat Museum. It’s a whole mew ball game – a homage to all things cat. The displays include models, furtographs, actual and spoof film posters, taxidermic cats (may they rest in puss), jewellery and books. It has everything including the kitten sink. As Shakespeare once said, “Tabby or not Tabby, that is the question”

Kuching has more to it than just cat-related delights. It is hosting a world mewsic furstival next week with 30,000 attendees. Claw-some. Shame we are missing it, although we are disappointed that Yusuf Islam (the meow-sician formally known as Cat Stevens) is not headlining.

There is also street art (the wheelbarrow full of baby orangutans is by the same artist who created much of Georgetown’s iconic murals). Little India and Chinatown dazzle all the senses. And we haven’t even had a chance to visit the huge natural parks nearby.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the furtographs of the day that reminded us of our slightly poorly cat back at home. Kuching, and Borneo in general, is well worth the detour and bumpy plane rides.