Four days in Bangkok AND a wedding…DIN DAENG!

It’s amazing what five weeks in tropical paradises does to clear the mind. After fourteen years of living in sin, Chloe suddenly decided she would ask Allan to marry her. Happily, and despite numerous get-outs being offered, he said yes.

Dear reader, please dispel from your mind any notion of romantic ceremonies on palm-fringed beaches, of bright flowers and silk draped elephants. Picture instead three days of Bangkok government offices, queues, translations, forms, passports, checks (‘Really? You have been living together for FOURTEEN years?’) and rubber stamps.

It’s really not important how, though, just that we have.

Chloe expects and welcomes long and tiresome debates about her U-turn on the institution of marriage. Allan expects and welcomes beers.

24 thoughts on “Four days in Bangkok AND a wedding…DIN DAENG!

  1. Dear Rigo and Nina,

    Thank you for your kind message about our wedding. We have been together for fourteen years, and Chloe finally asked Allan to marry her on a beach in Phuket, Thailand. However, the actual wedding took place in a local government office in Bangkok. Less romantic but very official!

    We hope you enjoy our website.

    Best regards,

    Chloe & Allan

  2. Hi Allan! I hear that you got married. I’m very, very, very, very happy with you and with your wife. I hope that you two will be great and celebrate your day tremendously.
    Regards from Rigo and Nina.
    xx :)

  3. Duuuude!!! Fab news!

    I would love to come up with something witty about the whole u-turn and everything but Im too darned happy for you both :-)

    Mucho karaoke celebrations upon your return, I may even redo Boom shake the room in your honour. What a wedding present that would be for you!!

    Congrats again to you both xxxxLyns

  4. Just wanted to say congratulations again! Such fantastic news guys! We’re so happy for you and can’t wait to see you both on your retun to celebrate properly! Where’s the wedding list??? :)

  5. Hey both

    That’s fantastic news, congratulations to you both!! Look forward to celebrating that on your return. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!


  6. Well, congratulations indeed. I am too stunned to think up any witticisms… I’m confident Chloe won’t change her name and at least she gave herself away, so I think you can claim fairly intact principles! Looking forward to the party though. Lots of love!

  7. Sincere congratulations to you both! It seems the last bastion has fallen (you were the last guys we know who were stalwartly “not getting married”) :-). glad you changed your mind. Couldn’t think of a nicer couple to get married :-)

    Auberge on your return? ;-)

    Take care, and enjoy!
    Best Wishes
    Alex & Linds

  8. Massive congratulations to you both.
    Now, you must have a party when you get back to celebrate properly. Your public demands it…
    Kisses all round.

  9. well – i think a celebration is due! you just wait until I see you when you get back!

    Sneaking off out the country to get married just to avoid the speeches and drunken old friends crying and dribblin on you – don’t worry I’ll insist on embarrassing you when I see you next xxxxxxxxxx

    lots love and congratulations !

    its not so bad you know Chloe xx or should I say Mrs Cowley ? ;-)

  10. Aaah, thanks everyone! The waves of love rushing around the world will bring wars to an end and make flowers bloom. Chloe & Allan xx

  11. This is SUCH great news! So thrilled for you! We will toast you tonight at the Blue Anchor – in fact, perhaps we’ll find an appropriate song and dedicate it to you both :) Loving the blogs – living the dream :) x

  12. Sue Clark has just asked a pertinent question:
    “Was that one of the chALLANges?”.
    If so, can’t quite understand why you put it ahead of the football match in the list of things to do. A strange sense of priorities.

  13. BIG love from Dave and Helen xx look forward to toasting you both if you make it back in time for first anniversary. all bets off now .. Pity we didn’t make that a challenge x

  14. Congrats – at least you don’t have to organise a honeymoon!
    Is there going to be a post-wedding stag “do” when you get back?

  15. Wow, so happy for you both! You say it wasn’t romantic buts that’s a story that not many could beat. Congrats and enjoy xxx

  16. Hello my dear Chloe and my brother in law!!
    Congratulations!! What good news! I´m very happy for you both, so I imagine that you are happier than me.
    When will we celebrate this surprising news? It´s necessary to go to Asia? Or when we all go to Newcastle?! :)
    Continue to have a great time, and enjoy your new life!
    Kisses for both from cold Madrid.

  17. It’s long overdue!
    Lots of love to you both. xx
    PS Does Bangkok have Newcastle Broon? ‘Cos how else are you going to celebrate?!

  18. Wow. Congratulations! I hope Charlotte’s phrasebook came in useful.

    Beers, more beers and no debates await your return to the UK.

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