Four seasons in one day.

We travelled from west coast to south east coast in two short hops thanks to Air NewZealand and maybe giving us our last look at the Southern Alps.

And therefore, we were welcomed to Scotland and totally bizarre weather.


Dunedin is very Scottish. The first song we heard at the local café was “Bonny banks of Loch Lomond”, it has roads named Edinburgh, St.Andrews, Leith and Clyde and has Scottish pubs and restaurants. We’ll find out more about this history in the coming days.

And to keep the Scottish theme, on the first day we arrived, we had rain, bright sunshine, mist rolling up, then down, the estuary and then clear skies at night.


We’re staying in a very small place called Portobello – yes, more Scottish references. There’s very little here apart from the best restaurant in the whole area, a hugely overpriced supermarket, a fish & chip shop, a pub and a café. And a bloody big steep hill to get to our accommodation. This seems to be getting a common theme of this holiday, but the payoff is always great views and this time our views stretch miles across the whole Otago peninsula. There’s also hardly any light pollution giving us fantastic starry skies. When it’s not foggy or raining of course.