Franz Josef – Part 2

Well, that was a day.

Chloe overcame her fear of flying, for 50 minutes anyhow, to do the “grand helicopter tour” of this area. We saw thick woodland, vast rivers, sprawling farming/grassland plains, three sparkling glaciers and two of the three largest mountains in NZ from the air. The icing on the cake/tour was a snow landing at the top of Fox glacier. We won’t say too much as the photos show the journey, but suffice to say, it was truly awesome scenery.

To top off a magnificent day, we managed to get a photo of something that didn’t cost us a budget-busting $450 each, namely the International Space Station. The streak of light going right overhead is the path shown in a 25″ exposure. Fantastic.

Below is our gallery of the day. We do hope this gives a flavour of it all and is an inspiration for everyone to investigate future holidays.

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