From Bintang to champagne

It’s nearly six months since our first drink of the holiday. Oh, how times change!

Indonesian classic, Bintang beer, kept us going for the first month.

Thai beer, Chang, led to a marriage proposal (Chloe claims it only oiled the wheels).

Award-winning Beer Laos got top marks of the holiday.

Siagon beer and Hanoi draft were both great, but you weren’t there man!

Cambodia confused us as we ordered Anchor beer in Angkor.

Beer was so heavily taxed in Malayasia that one night out helped reduce the gross national debt substantially.

And, of course, we finish in Singapore with champagne at the Hilton.

Let’s just say, it hasn’t been all bad…

2 thoughts on “From Bintang to champagne

  1. Fun fun fun. Enjoy the next few years of your trip (yes, we are very jealous!) and do shout if you need any more details beyond the blog pieces on places you’re thinking of going. Allan & Chloe.

  2. Hi guys! Sounds like a rousing finale to a great escape! Back to cold toast and porridge as me dear ole mum used to say…..enjoyed meeting you and wish you all the best! Maybe see you in Macchu Picchu next round….:)

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