From Vauxhall to Vietnam

Sleep deprivation gang

Quite appropriately, for the name of the strapline on the website, we have now reached Vietnam exactly half way on our travels. 81 days down, 81 days to go. Also, our financial spreadsheet is showing that we have spent almost exactly half of our allocated funds. Only £1 per day over budget. Not bad considering a few extra flights, 2 suits and a wedding has been paid for out of our £75 per day budget.

Lao airlines delivered the goods again with only a couple of slightly bumpy bits on the flight to Hanoi then the taxi from the airport showed us exactly why we should never drive in Vietnam. Unfortunately a very very loud street stall right outside our hotel window with motorbikes driving up almost all night, loud banging of pots and pans and music meant only 2 hours sleep. This (impromptu) stall was known to our hotel and we really should have been warned about it, along with a known bathroom problem that resulted in us being locked out at 4am this morning.

Before we had the chance to complain, our hotel did redeem themselves by offering half price for last night and to upgrade us to one of their suites for the rest of our stay. We accepted hoping that this new room doesn’t have any surprises in both inside and outside tonight. None yet but there’s still all night yet.

Here’s hoping for a good nights sleep as it would very nice to be awake enough to see some sights of Hanoi!

3 thoughts on “From Vauxhall to Vietnam

  1. Correct – it was Jane Fonda, who was nicknamed Hanoi Jane after…

    Hanoi Hannah – the radio announcer (who Robin Williams gives a name check to during “Good Morning Vietnam”*

    Stay back after school Cowley for some extra homework.

    (* – line from the film: “It’s 0 Six Hundred. What does the 0 stand for? 0 my god it’s early)

  2. Chloe says Jane Fonda and ermm is it Hanoi Jane (Or was that the Fonda again?)
    Allan has no idea (no sniggering at the back..)

  3. Quick quiz for you – which famous American actress was villified for visiting Hanoi during the Vietnam War (…and no cheating/looking up on Google)?

    And for an extra point – what was the nickname of the famous (female) radio announcer during the conflict?

    Bit frightening that you’re already halfway through the trip.

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