Gorgeous with a lot of porpoise

Hotel check out was 10am. Our bus to our next destination was not until 3pm. So, what to do for 5 hours?

Negotiate a late check-out? No.

Catch up with the latest news? No.

Do a Hardcowtravels post from the Wild Food festival. Sorry readers, but that can wait.

Have a lovely coffee? Oh, yes.

Have a bacon & egg “breakfast” pie. Allan was temped and succumbed.

Go to the beach and see a school of porpoises and then see the azure Hokitika Gorge. Ah, go on then.

It was a pretty miserable day, but the rain just about held off for us.

The beach area here is pretty wild with driftwood and huge rocks on the jet-black sand. The port here during the gold rush was lethal with many shipwrecks during that era.


However, today’s attraction was a school of around six porpoises barely 20m from the edge of the water. There is a picture here, but it’s really not that good as I decided to stop and stare for most of the time.



Next up was a short tour to Hokitika gorge. We were warned by the tourist information office that on a cloudy/rainy day, it wouldn’t be that great. But, we still had plenty of spare time, so Hardcow and a Swiss tourist hired Hokitika Scenic Tours to take us to the gorge. A short 45 minute drive in the drizzle and we arrived at the entrance.

Once through the entrance, it all went a bit Jurassic Park. We immediately saw the dazzlingly blue river at the bottom of the gorge. There were oversize silver ferns, big trees and other immense green foliage. We wouldn’t have been surprised if we’d spotted a Pterodactyl flying over us. Barely 20 minutes walk down the pathway and we reached bottom of the gorge – beautiful. And yes, the river is really that blue, no colour enhancements needed.

And finally, just to say that the aforementioned Swiss guy decided to dive into the gorge. When asked, his view was “bloody hell, it was soooo f-ing cold” – his English teacher would be so impressed.

5 hours wasted in the New Zealand style. Love it.

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