Greek Food every day? I should be Souvlaki…

It has always surprised us how few Greek restaurants there are around the world compared to other nearby cuisines, such as Italian, as the food here is so damn good every time we’ve come on holiday here.

Whether it was the lack of choice in Sri Lanka, but we have enjoyed almost every meal here. The slow-cooked meat is tender, seafood is fresh, salads are tasty (why, oh why, can’t tomatoes taste like this in the UK?), pastry treats are generously filled and the desserts are melt-in-the-mouth lovely. All washed down with wine at under 3 euros for 1.5 litres in the supermarkets.

Particular favourites of this part of holiday have been the lamb (garlic sauce, lemon sauce, chops etc.), spinach pie (Spanakopita – σπανακόπιτα) and orange cake (Portokalopita – Πορτοκαλόπιτα). Calories are high, but the taste is sensational.

We have challenged ourselves to make these delights at home, but they will undoubtably come out worse than the worst ones we had here. However, the biggest challenge after over seven weeks in Greece is whether we still fit into the clothes we had custom-made in Vietnam.

All that remains is to get in touch with Kylie Minogue to see if she wants to go into partnership with us on a Greek grill restaurant called “I should be souvlaki”. Ah, there it is, the Greek puns start, more to come, Apollo-gies in advance.