Hey hey he’s a monkey

Peter Reid

Baby monkey

To the Monkey Forest in Ubud this morning, to be alternately charmed and mugged by cynical, spoiled monkey troupe.

Paid a quid for some bananas which were ripped from our fingers within about 30 seconds of entering. Is this what tourists in Trafalgar Square used to feel like with the pigeons? Allan commented that the monkeys were cheeky, cute and well-fed in equal proportions, and that many bore a striking resemblance to ex-Sunderland manager, Peter Reid. Make your own mind up from his excellent photo.

2 thoughts on “Hey hey he’s a monkey

  1. Hi Paula – The monkeys were VERY cute but very much in charge of the whole town! The next morning, the same troupe of monkeys came wandering through the forest at the back of the road, which lead to our hotel. They spent a long time stealing coconuts and mucking about, then climbed up the side of our hotel and walked right across our balcony. They were so confident and completely unafraid. We would love to send you one back to Spain, but they have huge teeth and know how to look after themselves. We’ll see if we can get pictures of more monkeys in other countries we are visiting instead. I hope that will do. Good luck with the English lessons! Chloe & Allan

  2. I’m a spanish student of Nigel and we think the monkeys are very cute. I want you to bring one to Spain for me. I think that monkeys are similar to humans and is good to protect them.
    I hope you like this commentary:)

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