Holy Crab!

After ten days, we managed to drag ourselves out of Kampot and travel an hour down the road to the coastal town of Kep. It is known for seafood, especially crab.

Kep is a sleepy little town, although by all accounts was ridiculously busy over the holiday weekend just gone. Our hotel owner at the lovely Beach House Hotel talked with joy about being able to take a breather for the first time after many 16-hour days in a row. Again, we seem to have chosen our hotel well, have a great sea view from our room and the pool is a lovely escape from the heat and especially, the very high humidity here.

Kep itself is spread out, so we hop in a tuk-tuk for a morning tour around the sights. Public statues are once again a big thing. Obvious ones include an¬†independence monument and the massive crab one at the top of this post, but there are other random ones such as ‘woman with dolphin’, various goddesses and ones of people we can’t decipher as our Khmer is absolute rubbish.


We also are taken to a beautiful temple. Outside there are signs outside saying “meditation here”, but, with a huge lump of irony, there is music blasting out at ear-splitting, speaker-distorting volume. I would defy anyone to find their inner peace. Turn up your PC volume up to max and click here to get some idea of the (lack of) serenity of it all.

There are old French colonial villas built in the 1950s. A lot were abandoned many years ago and some only have their majestic garden walls still standing. Kep must have been pretty spectacular during that time when it was known as Kep-Sur-Mer by the Paris elite.

We finish with a visit to the famous crab market. We see huge prawns, squid, many types of fish. Most of the crabs are kept in their pots offshore, so we don’t get to see what this town is famous for. There’s only one final thing to do and that’s for Allan to have a 10.30am breakfast of 6 giant prawns with pepper & lime sauce in a cafe overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The cafe has the fantastic name of Holy Crab and the prawns were equally fantastic. Yum.