Home sweet home

We spent six months on holiday thinking that there was something about the 70s in SE Asia. Having arrived back in Heathrow last night, it appears that the UK is also back in the 1970s when it transpired that the country just isn’t working very well.

A “broken”┬áramp stopped us poor steerage class folk from using steps as soon as the business and first class passengers had exited the same door; a broken luggage carousel delayed our bags whilst staff just sat around looking lost, making 500 people wonder where to get reunited with their precious items; and M&S only had one member of staff for many hungry shoppers.

On the upside, train customer service was good and our cabbie wasn’t a racist bigot, so maybe we’re not back to the 70s after all.

All we now need to do now is to adjust to an 8 hour time difference, having to work for a living, doing our our own cooking and cleaning, expensive UK prices, all the horrors of the Tory government and remembering to feed the cats. Must remember to feed the cats…

4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. About bloody time too!! ;-)

    Sounds like you had an amazing time; really good to read through your journeys.

    Must catch up for a pint of the black stuff real soon.


  2. welcome back ! have been reading with interest – lovely way to keep in touch

    hope to see you soon when you are over the jetlag and I am over the morning (or all day all night!) sickness

    will plan a trip to london end april or may

    hope going back to work is not too traumatic


  3. Welcome home, I guess we can revert to email, text and phone again.

    Let’s have a beer soon so we can hear all about it (again).

  4. I know you two like travel
    to far-flung shores & hills.
    Get away from all the hassle,
    the routine, and work and bills.

    You travelled on your holiday
    from Hanoi to Vientiane.
    Seen people,flora, fauna
    from Angkor to Penang.

    A fantastic, epic journey
    you’ll remember every day.
    You even made the effort
    to get married on the way!

    But no matter what your ages,
    no matter where you roam,
    your Geordie Mum will worry,
    but she’ll just say, ‘Welcome Home!!’

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