Hot dog? Jumping frog? Al eats prawn mee

The Viva Food Court sits opposite our hotel, a frenzy of smells, colours, people, steam and shouting.

While lightning flashed and thunder rolled out at sea, big screens played FA Cup highlights and Chinese soap operas, and at over a hundred plastic tables people tucked into every foodstuff known to humanity. Well, a lot of them anyway.

The idea is you grab your table, remember the number and then begin your grand tour of the stalls that line the massive warehouse-type space. When you see something you fancy, order it and it is delivered to your table within 5 minutes. Dried squid? Pizza? Noodles? Sushi? Frog porridge? The choice is yours.

frog porridge stallAllan couldn’t resist fresh rice noodles with giant prawns (of course), but Chloe decided that frog with ginger and spring onions was too good to miss. Luckily it was.

And the frog porridge? Although, she loves rice porridge (think of a savoury broth flavoured with ginger and fish sauce full of floating rice) and likes frog, it was just too hot last night to go for soup.

We rounded off the meal with a plate of beef and chicken satay – delicious.

A question for our vegetarian but fish-eating readers – can you eat frog? Come on Dave, Kev, Darren – an ethical dilemma for you…

1 thought on “Hot dog? Jumping frog? Al eats prawn mee

  1. I don’t eat fish! So, frog is definitely off the table.

    Frog Porridge sounds like something Heston Blumenthal would make.

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