I love Poros in the summer when it sizzles…

We decided to end the holiday of a lifetime with a little holiday. We’re not much given to sitting around on beaches but we thought we’d probably rather fancy it by this point. We fly home out of Athens, so we planned our route to include a ten-day stop on the island of Poros (not to be confused with Paros, where we started the Greek leg of our journey). It’s only an hour from Piraeus and has reasonably priced accommodation, beaches, tavernas, forests and the sparkling Aegean. Sounds perfect. 

So on Sunday lunchtime, our taxi dropped us at the quayside in Galatas. One euro and a few minutes’ boat ride across the strait and we were in Poros Town. The roads were quiet and we quickly picked up another taxi to take us to the other end of the bay.

Askali Beach looks like a typical little holiday suburb: beaches (check), decent accommodation (check), tavernas (check). Time to grab a little lunch.

We wandered down the hill in a little fog of travel weariness to be greeted by…hell. Well, our idea of holiday hell. Music from four tavernas competed to insult our eardrums; every square inch of the (admittedly bijou) beach was packed with sunloungers, all of them occupied. When we eventually took the plunge, we had to leave the first restaurant because of the music. After that, the 80s pop offerings of the café down the road seemed like sweet balm. 

What were we going to do? Could we put up with this for ten days? We couldn’t face the beachfront on Monday and spent much of the day enjoying having a level bed to sleep in. 

Then something wonderful happened. We were driven out of our studio by hunger and boredom. The beachfront? Quiet and peaceful. The sunloungers? Half empty. That first restaurant we had to leave on Sunday? Transformed with restful background music, great food and lovely staff. 

We should have expected it. Being so near to Athens, Poros is a good place to escape the heat and hassle of the city. Who can blame people for grabbing a few days off?

So now we have the place largely to ourselves, just not at the weekend. That’s OK. That’s when we’ll head into town, do some window shopping and even ride the one euro ferry a couple of times, just for the hell of it. 

1 thought on “I love Poros in the summer when it sizzles…

  1. I appreciate the scenery. Beautiful! But they don’t call that a beach, do they? A beach is Warkworth, Tynemouth Long Sands or Bamburgh. All we need in Northumberland is a bit more heat – well, a lot more actually…
    Enjoy your last week, travellers.

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