Kampottering around

We didn’t make it to Kampot last time we were in Cambodia, instead, we stayed up the south coast in Sihanoukville for far longer than should be even possible. We heard that Kampot was a fairly laid-back town on the banks of the Preaek Tuek Chhu River and an escape from the hectic, but great, Phnom Penh.

After 3 nights here, it is indeed laid-back, especially for South East Asia – you can even cross the roads without too much delay and there is even the odd pavement!  It is a smallish town, but seems to have the perfect combination of tourist infrastructure and shops, good clean cafés & restaurants, a few things to see & do in and around town, but also some excellent accommodation.

Looks like we chose our accommodation well. Rikitikitavi is a lovely place. An old wooden mansion that has been converted into 8 big & well maintained rooms with a huge, dubiously legit, DVD library. The staff are friendly & hard-working and there is a great selection for breakfast & dinner (Vegetarian red curry? Fish Amok? Beef Saraman? All made with local famous Kampot pepper? Oh, yes, bloody yum…). There are even 2-for-1 cocktails that we are taking full advantage of – definitely worth the princely sum of $2 each.

From the hotel, there are views of the river, brightly-decorated sunset cruise boats and tree-covered mountains plus the added bonus of having front row seats for the nightly spectacular thunder & lightening displays. Oh, did I say that the Internet connection was good enough to hear and see Newcastle winning the Championship?  A bonus. Rikitikitavi rightly ranked number 1 in the, sometimes untrustworthy, TripAdvisor best hotels list for Kampot.

We originally booked 5 days in Kampot. This has already been extended to 8 days and wouldn’t be surprised if we stay even longer. How lovely.

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