LA Day Seven: Into the Bond baddie’s lair

The Getty Centre looms large on a hill over the I405 motorway with sweeping views to LA and beyond akin to Blofeld’s secret base. Approaching the buildings via a monorail just adds to the James Bond theme.

With three hours to kill before check-in to our base for the Doctor Who convention, it’s the perfect place to come and be wowed with what almost unlimited money can buy.

Building infrastructure made from Italian marble quarries that took 2 years to get here, huge quantity of artwork that has famous names everywhere and gardens that shine brightly with vivid colours. It’s all here. We walk through the gardens, we take in a highlights tour and enjoy the views.

But there’s also more contemporary stuff. A small exhibition of excellent photos taken by ten LA high school students – #LAunshuttered – was a highlight amongst the giants of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Turner.

The journey back was with a character of a LA taxi driver telling us how patient drivers are here, the wonders of Mexican food and to never come to LA in June – apparently the only month where the sun doesn’t shine, so everyone is a miserable sod.

We finished with proper US diner food at Denny’s and registration for the convention. Let the nerdness begin!!