LA Day Two: double legends

Despite falling into bed face first, we spring awake at 2am, jet lag in full force. Chloë is just able to drag herself into a cab first thing for her long-awaited, very nearly legendary, Alexandra Wagner facial.

Five years ago, she randomly booked an appointment at this Venice Beach beautician, only to receive the best facial ever. Even with the pound in free fall, it’s still worth every dollar. Every. Single. One.

Drifting home on a cloud of bliss, by midday it’s all too much. A brief siesta/near-coma ensues.

Still in recovery mode, there’s only one place to go for dinner: In ‘n Out Burger.

Everyone here loves It. Each year at Gallifrey One there’s an In ‘n Out burger run/social. The local branch is the number one rated restaurant in El Segundo on Trip Adviser. Chloë’s cabbie waxes lyrical.

We’ve heard about it for years and are finally within walking distance, so there’s really no choice.

There are really only three things on the menu: burger, cheeseburger and Double Double. Allan’s feeling brave, so it’s the Double Double for him. Chloë opts for the classic cheeseburger. Both are good. The fries are made fresh from whole potatoes. It unexpectedly tastes like real food. We can see why it’s so popular.

As we head home clutching bags of burgers and fries, a cop leans out of his SUV window to tell us his favourite milkshake is the chocolate. Seriously, they flipping love it here!

Two legends in one day is good going, but tomorrow we’re making it three in one weekend…