Lazing around in Langkawi

It’s been a few days since the last time our blog was updated. Nothing to do with the Internet connection being dodgy at our place we’re staying at – although it is pretty poor – but it’s all down to our total sloth induced by sitting in the very hot sun in the Island of Langkawi. Allan hasn’t even taken a photo in the last few four days!

We’ve just made our last hotel reservations of the holiday; another 5 nights here in Langkawi, 3 nights in Penang, 2 nights in Singapore and, last but not least, 1 very very luxurious night in the Singapore Hilton courtesy of Allan’s mum as a wedding prezzy (thanks Geordie Mum!).

Our impression of Langkawi is that it is in the mainstream of tourist territory as you can tell from the places to eat, shops and, even though it is meant to be a tax-free island, definitely the prices. Allan paid £4 for a hot dog for lunch, nice, but same price as a massive prawn feast elsewhere on the holiday!

But the sun is out, people friendly and happy to be enjoying our last two weeks away from home.

5 thoughts on “Lazing around in Langkawi

  1. We’ll be careful in the maternity lake Mam and, yes, Mr. S, Allan was that classy person wearing black and White in the bar – until he donated it to the hotel owners son in Cambodia. To say he needs to grow into it is an understatement, it was nearly as big as him!

  2. I trust that you two newly weds will be very careful if you visit that lake in the south of your island!!

  3. Beer is the only thing that gets you through some (most?) Toon matches.

    The question is: did he take his Newcastle top with him so he could don it while watching matches in local hostelries? It’s what all the classy people do.

  4. Yeah and Allan’s already reverting to type – we’re drinking beer and watching Newcastle lose to Everton. Plus ca change…

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