Poros – A pause before the end

Poros has been 10 days of doing very little. Days have involved sitting around, going to the beach and swimming in the sea in the mornings then more relaxing and sleeping in the afternoon. Exactly what we wanted to do. We even now have a bit of a sun tan, although that is bound to disappear in the next 2 week maximum!

The only expedition has been to the main town, all 15 minutes away by bus, where we climbed quite a few steps up to an old clock tower – the highest point in the town. The views were great, although it was remarkably busy up there with a Russian tour group noisy chatting away. We go to the bottom of the hill, buy our ferry tickets to Athens and get back to our little flat very quickly and the standard Poros daily schedule is resumed.

In preparation for the real world, we’ve been in contact with job agencies and Chloe has even done a job application, although the job hunt starts in earnest when we get back. This, and our budget spreadsheet shouting “number of days left” going down to single figures, has depressed us a little, but also allows us to look forward to all the good things about returning home.

Next up is the final two days in Athens, a night in Heathrow, then it’s back to reality. Boo hoo.

2 thoughts on “Poros – A pause before the end

  1. It’s always sad at the end of the adventure but there will be lots of people here who will be very happy to see you both back xx

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