Sabah thanks and photos

Back in Kuala Lumpur now, but we wanted to do a special post just on Sabah (Borneo). On arrival at the very odd Nak hotel in Sandakan, a week seemed like it was going to be a long time in Borneo.

However, after staying at the great Paganakan Dii hotel down the road in Sepilok and seeing some of the fauna and flora Borneo has to offer, seven days felt too short a time to spend in this spectacular part of Malaysia.

We didn’t go on a day or night river safari, we didn’t climb Mt. Kinabalu, we didn’t see the main town of Kota Kinabalu and we didn’t go diving around the picture perfect islands off Borneo. However, we did see a LOT and created a photo gallery for viewing. Click here for our photographic efforts.

In conclusion, we saw loads but plenty more to see at a future time. We just hope there’s still rainforest in Borneo when we come back (especially since Chloe forgot herself and had a Kit Kat whilst there, and if you don’t know why she’ll burn for this, watch the Greenpeace spoof Kit Kat commercial and find out!)