Siam Rice Cookery School, Chiang Mai

Saturday saw Chloe and Allan pull on their aprons for a day of Thai cookery. We learned about traditional Thai ingredients like galangal and ginseng (‘make man very strong!’), the basis of several curries, from red to panang, and tried our hand at vegetable carving.

Allan’s approach to the vegetable carving was much like Chloe’s attitude to computer games (‘Ooh let me try, oh it’s difficult, what’s the point of this?, don’t want to do this any more…’).

The day was lead by Nancy and her team, who were great teachers, unfailingly cheerful and knew their food. We fried, crushed, boiled, chopped and, ultimately, ate until we could do no more. At that point we were driven home clutching bags of curry, soup  and rice for our dinners.

To put the icing on the cake, the Siam Rice team were kind enough to drop Chloe’s camera back to our guest house after she left it in the kitchen – so a big thank you to them!