Singapore: the polite society

OK, so there’s no free press here. And you’d better be careful what you say about the judiciary. It’s illegal to carry chewing gum or to fail to flush a public toilet. But, oh, it’s polite!

Before we had left Singapore Airport, three things happened which we swear would not occur in London:

1. When the customs officers randomly decided to scan our baggage, they lifted our bags onto the X-ray machine and carefully put them back on our trolley afterwards – smiling and friendly throughout (luckily we hadn’t inadvertently stored any Wrigleys in our bags and we’d left our knuckledusters and numchucks in Malaysia)

2. When the seating area we plonked ourselves in needed to be cleaned, the guy doing it asked ‘Sir’ if he would mind very much moving to the next set of seats to allow cleaning to continue without interrupting our comfort

3. When buying metro tickets, a train company employee OFFERED US CHANGE for the machine. Unprompted.

More tales of politeness tomorrow, folks!