Event 8 – So, where did all go wrong Wiggo?

So, you’re the first Briton who has won the Tour de France a couple of weeks ago? How do you follow that? Maybe a gold medal in your home town?

Watching from Hampton near the end of the course, I had the privilege of watching the gold medal run of Bradley Wiggins. The crowd went wild, even the sun came out and all is right with the world. I do see a problem, his time of 50 and a bit minute for 40km equates to 52.1km/h or 32.5mp/h or, to put another way, breaking the speed limit. Surely with all those police around, there must be 3 points on Mr. Wiggins’s licence forthcoming.

On a side note, looks like South Bank Bikes produced the goods, the Iranian cyclist seemed to make it through unscathed.


4 thoughts on “Event 8 – So, where did all go wrong Wiggo?

  1. We should continue to nod and smile, but watch out for comments like “of course, when I’m emperor of the world…” or “they’re here, the little grey men!”

  2. Son, I have always said that in this life you can be what you want to be. So – I look forward to standing on Champs Elysses next year cheering you after you have won TdF,

    Chloe: His medication is obviously too strong. Try him on Junior Lemsip. If that fails, will you ring the psychiatrist or shall I?

  3. By our calculations, Allan would be able to get into work in 3 mins 52 secs if he could maintain that pace. His current record is 7 mins 12 secs, which he maintains is solely down to the juggernauts and suicidal pedestrians. Therefore, on clear roads, he would be able to match Wiggins performance easily! (it should be noted that he’s currently full of cold and Lemsip and could be argued to be delusional…)

  4. Ah – yes – but how would he cope in the rush hour with motor cyclists, juggernauts & pedestrians trying to commit suicide in front of him? Bet he wouldn’t go around London @32 mph then!

    Another important question: If we only win Gold Medals when I am at work, does this mean I’ve got to work about 60 hours next week?

    Great photos, Allan!

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