Steampunk HQ

Oamaru has another major attraction apart from the blue penguins, Steampunk HQ.

For those uninitiated, including Allan before this trip, Steampunk is a genre of science fiction based on historic times where steam-powered machinery is the norm instead of more advanced technology.

So, what is at Steampunk HQ?

Essentially loads of wacky inventions, machinery and interactive displays that could keep us 40 somethings entertained for far longer than seemed feasible. A lot of local artists have their designs displayed along with, frankly, totally random stuff.

Included in the exhibition/display are a huge steam train engine that spewed out fire, musical instruments (see Allan’s Bill Bailey impression here), video displays, a brightly coloured sculpture that predicted the end of the world every 78 minutes, old train carriages, 4m high motorbikes, rusting machines and a mirror-room with different coloured skull LED lights that does a 2 minute psychedelic display.


Entirely different to anything we’ve done on this holiday. An aural and visual hit to the senses. Didn’t really understand half of it. And the best $10 we’ve spent so far – bloody fantastic.