Still lazing around in Langkawi

This photo may explain to our dear readers why we have been a little slack on the posts in the past week. This is the view at breakfast from the very nice Sunset Beach Resort we have moved to. Aaahhhhhh…. although just watch out for the jellyfish.

We did manage to walk the 400m to Langkawi aquarium today. Aquarium was a little misleading as it included turtles, a slightly scary hissing otter, plenty of reptiles and insects and even a rainforest zone.

Chloe saw a trigger fish that she’d wanted to see since the age of 5 and Allan saw some sharks that may have to be his best attempt at the Dave Taylor chALLANge as the diving hasn’t produced the goods (yet).

Overall, it was a mix of spectacular, educational and well presented although on the odd occasion, quite sad, including a lonely seal looking a bit stir crazy and a massive ray in too small a tank. Still, we’ve seen a lot worse on this holiday and elsewhere. In the meantime, a photo of a box fish, possibly one of the strangest of some very strange aquatic beasts on offer.

1 thought on “Still lazing around in Langkawi

  1. I see that you two are living in squalor again!
    Looks fantastic. How are you ever going to settle back into the world of work again?!
    Enjoy your last few days. xx

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