Thai another day

Dear readers. We tried our hardest, but Laos finally beat us. Coming to the capital, Vientiane, a little earlier than expected due to our previous illnesses messed up our provisional schedule. This rescheduling, coupled with the fact that Laos is very tricky to get around (either it’s an expensive flight or 11 hour intercity bus journey), meant that we were left with a choice of 2 weeks in the capital or hopping off to somewhere nearby.

Nong Khai in northern Thailand was our chosen destination. Only 1.5 hours away from Vientiane, hotel overlooking the mighty Mekong (the border of Laos/Thailand) and with a well known Vietnamese¬†restaurant to boot. There’s nothing much to do here except just watch sunsets, eat excellent Thai/Vietnamese or German food and catch up on our reading, so don’t expect amazing photos or posts in the next few days. Attached is the view of the mighty Mekong from our balcony.

Special mention to the hotel we are staying at. Travelfish website summed it up by saying that it is comfortable and clean but with “chronically confused staff”. They seem not to understand the concept of booking rooms in advance, but are lovely with it. This morning we asked whether we were leaving today (on only day 2 of 6 booked) but were also were offered sticky rice fritters, sweet and sour rice and tasty local sausages for breakfast. All freshly BBQed by the edge of the river at sunrise, unexpected, totally free and very tasty. 700B will hopefully, possibly and maybe get you a nice clean river view room with balcony at ¬†Baan Mae Rim Nam,