Thanks Cowleys

Just to say thanks very much to Geordie Mum and Brother and your respective partners for the night at the Hilton to finish. We’re yet to sample the rooftop pool (will do tomorrow morning) but have enjoyed the bathrobes, the bath (Allan’s first bath for 6 months..), the massive bed (stop laughing at the back, just lay down on it), the sewing kit (Chloe found it amazing that the needle was already threaded) aircon (that you can’t hear..) and also the Champagne and choccies delivered to our room. Fantastic!

We just need to make sure that we don’t go crazy with the mall on the first two floors, with Rolex and Mulberry as two of the shops, the credit card wouldn’t be able to take it.

Thanks once again, a true stylish way to finish our holiday and hopefully our stay will help to keep Paris in cocktails in LA.