Thanks, Dave!

Thanks again to everyone for their kind words of love, support, sarcasm and frank surprise about our Bangkok wedding. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Allan has started channelling Papa Lazarou, which is both funny and disturbing…

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Dave!

  1. Was just about to do a post on “Thanks” to folk. The Tiger Balm has been v useful for damn insect bites, the masking tape could have been useful a couple of nights ago to stop a bunk bed from squeaking (steady at the back, it was the train rocking it) and the imodium, well, you may have guessed, very useful indeed.

    Cheers lads !

  2. By the way Allan – had the need/chance to use any of the going away presents from the lads?

    (For the rest of the Hardcowtravels community – three of us clubbed together to get some not-very-serious presents for Allan and Chloe for their travels, including balm, diarrohea tablets and, most important of all, gaffer tape.)

    And there’s really no need to get into the detail if it’s the second on the list, thank you very much indeed.

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