The Snowdon’s ChALLANge…mmm..

It was an eagerly awaited clash.

Two tribes going to war.

Heavyweights on both sides.

Jumpers as goalposts.

Happens only once in a while (well, actually, every day)

Ivory Coast surely?

Ears flapping like Gary Lineker

Yes. It’s elephant football.

The match started with only one goal on the pitch, breaking of FIFA rules I’m sure, but no-one chose to argue with the “big lad” (3 1/2 tonne) up front for the attacking team. Quite extraordinary. Straight away, the attacking team went, well, on the attack, and with some amazing trunk work, controlled the ball well enough to shoot. With a foot like a traction engine, he shoots, the keeper dives, but it hits the bar.

Back on the attack, ignoring the abuse from his team-mates – this player must have thick skin – he tries his luck again again. However, the player is thwarted by needing to stop for a long toilet break ON THE PITCH. Is the hallowed turf not sacred?!

Showing great pace and definitely faster than Kevin Nolan and crikey, the elephant hits it like Shearer’s freekick against Leicester in 1997. It sails towards the goal and IT’S IN THE BACK OF THE NET. Remarkable.

The rest of the match was a daze…fantastic footwork…great skills…mmm…isn’t it… Final Score, who knows, but football was the winner.

(c) Geordie Football Correspondant (SE Asia Branch)

P.S. Mike, I will do you a proper game later in the holiday.

3 thoughts on “The Snowdon’s ChALLANge…mmm..

  1. Lumbering, oversized, no skill on the ball…….TITUS! Now excuse me while I get psyched up for Barca v Real tonight…

  2. Very generous of you Mike.Ron Atkinson, Ron Manager. Hate to think…
    Will be asking Dave for a job at her majesty’s Times, sports editor job surely awaits.

  3. I am more than happy to consider the chALLANge well and truly completed. Feel free to go to a more conventional match, but this’ll do for me.
    Sounds great fun – better than some of the mathces I’ve watched this season.
    Tomorrow’s match won’t be played in quite the same conditions – heavy snow already fallen and more to come. Just hope they make a decision one way or the other before I set off.

    God knows what Ron Atkinson would have made of your match.

    PS – As the teams were wearing the same colours, must have been difficult for the ref.

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