Two men in a boat

20130309-161347.jpgA two and a half hour odyssey led Paul and Kevin to explore currents, rowing boats and what it means to be a man.

After a disastrous foray out into middle river, Paul broke the oar lock and was washed, screaming and crying*, on towards Fordingbridge. Some quick thinking and a little luck brought him to the opposite bank from Undercastle Cottage. One problem, no bridge.

Eventually meeting Kevin, who had fought his way through dense forest to reach his stranded comrade*, the two managed to steer and pull the boat between them far upstream from our location. Floating back with the current, and some more inspiring teamwork, the two finally brought the boat home.

Kevin nearly fell at the final hurdle when he thought to test his theory that he could hang between the boat and jetty, by toes and fingertips, without incident. Allan was on hand to persuade him otherwise.

* Untrue