You can take the lad out of Newcastle, but ….

We’ve soon moved into normal Greek holiday mode in Paros. It’s been a whole lot of relaxing, seeing the odd sight, eating generally fresh and great food with plenty of siestas.

Our AirBnB flat is pretty small and the living room is essentially the small garden and marble table, but it suits us perfectly fine. We are brought eggs, melon and recommendation for which market seller to get the best farm produce. The owners invite us around for a BBQ where we get to share a little of each others lives. They are Australian, live in Paros for six months of the year, are actors/professional sailors and the most politically clued-up Aussies we have met. Nice people, great food and we had a great night.

Speaking of food, we’ve mentioned the treat of spinach pies & coffee a couple of times already in our posts. One thing Chloe noticed today was that the shop we buy these from is called “Gregorys”. Or “Greggs” as it is now named. The pastry selection matches anything that Newcastle’s finest produces, it’s like I never left Geordieland.